L'Équipe 70 years

L’Équipe is the most known French sports newspaper and the only daily source of sports. Everyday, 250,000 copies of the newspaper are sold.
Even if you don’t like sport, you must know l’Équipe. It’s a very important part of French popular culture. That’s why we wanted to celebrate its 70th birthday with the largest possible audience.

We all know the name of European capital cities, we learned it in school, but thanks to L’Équipe, our audience also knows Cardiff, Dortmund, Monza or Malaga. Cities that don’t exist on French school maps, but known by all French sport fans thanks to the information provided by l’Equipe every day since 70 years. It also works for the different muscles, locations of bones and all the technical medicinal words you only hear about in a sports context. And of course it also works for foreign languages. Cat, House, Grazie or Bambino are the words that everybody learns in English or Italian class. L’Équipe is taking care of Draft, Mercato or Scudetto, used as is in the French language.

Black: learnt at school
Red: learnt with L'Equipe