After the “Diesel Gate” crisis, Volkswagen went through difficult times. 

It is precisely in times or crises that creative solutions have to arise. How could VW returned with its communities and heritage? Communicate with emotion without looking fake?
Instead of communicating with classical advertising stuff (TV scripts, commercials, actors) we have decided to use the VW fans and created the “VW & me” campaign: an integrated campaign, putting forward the real stories of VW owners.

The campaign was implemented in 3 steps:
Sourcing stories: a call-to-action was added at the end of a TV film, and social media posts targeted on Volkswagen owners to entice them in sharing stories and photos.
The best photos and stories were selected to be use as mainstream print ads. The production of print ads had to be adapted in order to enable a just-in-time production stream.

2 films were also produced to relate the stories of used-to-be owners of Volkswagen cars. We have two people, François and Maia, who had great memories with their VW. And made them the biggest surprise of their lives: an exact replica of their past favorite car.